Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wisteria Outlet Superfinds!

I've been crushing on the French Colonial Armchair from Wisteria for some time now.  

But at $799/chair, it wasn't going to happen.  So, about six weeks ago, I stopped by the Wisteria Outlet store in Dallas when I was downtown for a hair appointment.  I didn't expect to find anything.  I just wanted to look around.  The Wisteria Outlet carries more than just their outlet items; the front half of the store is set up in displays of their regular merchandise with the clearance and scratch-and-dent in the back of the store.

I looked around at several of the French Colonial Armchairs that they had on display, when I almost gasped.  The price tag said $379, but it wasn't in the outlet section!  I stood by the chair until I could waive over a sales lady.  I asked if she knew of anything wrong with the chair.  She said no, and we concluded that it must have been mispriced.  Me being the furniture shopper that I am, I knew that $379 was the then-current price of Wisteria's Chinese Chippendate Chair.  We concluded that they had put the wrong price on the chair I wanted.  But the wonderful Wisteria sales lady agreed to honor the price.  I think I may have done a happy dance in the store. 

Now, the real problem.  I had one chair, but I needed two!  The Friday before Memorial Day, I noticed on the Wisteria Outlet's Facebook fan page, that all outlet items were 25% Memorial Day weekend.  Out I went again... prepared to pay the full price less the weekend discount.

And, then I scored again!  There she was!  My French Colonial Armchair in all of her scratch-and-dent glory.  In the back.  I had the husband in tow.  We thoroughly inspected her.  She had a few minor flaws, but nothing we couldn't fix with our handy stain pen.  She was priced at $400.  Already a $200 less than what I was prepared to pay.  I *kindly* asked him to sit in the chair and not let anyone touch it (more like "SIT IN THE CHAIR.  DON'T MOVE") ; I wanted to confirm that the 25% off also applied to clearance items!  It did.  Happy dance again!  I scored my second chair for a mere $300!  Nearly a 65% discount!!

I love them!  They need a throw and some pillows.  I'm on the hunt for those.  But most of all, I really love how my diligent shopping paid off big time!  Both chairs for less than the price of one regular priced chair.  Let's just say, I heart the Wisteria Outlet.  For any of you Dallas peeps out there, it's right at the entrance to Love Field (Mockingbird and Cedar Springs).  Stop by and see what kind of deals you find!  And, I bet you can't tell which one was scratch-and-dent!!!

P.S.  I'm a Today Show junkie.  I've watched for as long as I can remember.  I cried this morning during Meredith Viera's last show.  I was pretty skeptical when she first started.  I didn't think anyone could ever replace Katie, but I really grew to love Meredith.  While she's very pretty and likable on TV, seeing her live in Rockefeller Plaze a few years ago--she is beautiful and real.  I'll miss sharing my morning with her.  I'm excited to see Ann at the anchor desk tomorrow though!   


  1. Congrats! I happy for you that you got your pair, and a great deal, too. :)

  2. SCORE! Good for you!!! I wish I could meet you up there!!! xoxo shel

  3. ps-I'll share with you something someone shared with me and it helped! you may not even know its there, but it you turn off your word verification you will get more comments =) xoxo

  4. I absolutely LOVE the Wisteria Outlet!! Their chairs - especially this swingback antiquated patina chair: - are so well crafted! Love your finds!

    Cheers! - Megh