Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Old House - Day 4

This week I've been sharing the renovations of the kitchen in our first house.  After we updated the lighting, removed the cabinets separating the kitchen and dining areas, and refaced the cabinets, the next step was to update appliances.  Honestly, this was the expensive part of the project and didn't happen fast.  The dishwasher went out on it's own.  The refrigerator, microwave and oven were purchased over time as my budget allowed.  This was all done before we got married, so my budget was pretty tight then!  We sold what we could of the used appliances on Craigslist, which helped.  We used a local company, Metro Appliances, to buy at warehouse prices.  They could usually beat Sears and Lowe's prices by several hundred dollars!

Here is the picture of the original appliances~

And, here is the picture of the updated appliances~

Check back tomorrow for the final before and after pictures of the project!!!

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