Monday, March 12, 2012

My Biggest Project Yet

As much as I love design and blogging, I'm soon going to have to share my time.  I am excited to let you guys know that our family is growing!  We're expecting a baby girl in early August.  And, yes, nursery plans are already in full swing.  I'll be sharing more of them in the coming weeks. 

While I've actually felt pretty good so far (we're almost 19 weeks), it hasn't come without its issues.  I'm a nervous mom-to-be.  So for all of you that are the praying kind, I'd appreciate if you'd remember us from time to time during this journey.

Hopefully, my brain will kick back into blog mode soon.  I know I've been a slacker!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Fiddle Leaf Fig vol. 2

We went from this~

To this~

I really don't know what happened.  We watered them properly and they got great filtered sunlight.  Granted, they were from Home Depot, not a nursery, and they were cheap.  The leaves did have some dead spots on them when we brought them home.  Eric thinks they were doomed from the start.  I'm so the extent that I obviously can't bear to just throw the wretched things out.  Has anyone else completely failed to keep a plant alive?  Any pointers?