Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Fiddle Leaf Fig

There are some things in life that only a design junkie would get so excited over.  One of those is the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  It's been featured on many blogs including some of my favorites, Abode Love and Cove & Grey.  I've loved the Fiddle Leaf Fig for sometime. 

Some house plants are plants are cheesy and some are perfection...adding the perfect touch of design and life to a space.  The Fiddle Leaf Fig does that for me.  Last week another of my favorite blogs, Knight Moves, featured her new Fiddle Leaf Figs, which were found at a Dallas-area Home Depot.  Fortunately, it only took two Home Depots to find mine!

I recently located a fig at one of our local nursuries; they wanted $100 for it, though.  Thankfully, Home Depot was much more reasonable at only $35/plant.  Now to find the perfect planters for them...I'm thinking I'd like a large woven basket like one of these~
{via Wisteria}

Except that all of these are too expensive.  A trip to Garden Ridge may be on my agenda for the weekend!


  1. I need a fiddle leaf fig. :) Beautiful

  2. What a cool plant. I think I'll stalk some Home Depots this afternoon. Love the basket choices. Hope you can find one cheaper.

  3. Just found your blog. I am searching for a fig tree and basket as well. Hope you found yours! I am your follower :) Looking forward to reading more!


  4. I found 2 at our local nursery for $8 a piece!! They were small, but $8.... I have had them for a year now and they are bigger and doing terrific. I put them in these Crate & Barrel metal pots because they would be light enough for me to move around, unlike ceramic. The only difficulty I had, was finding a plastic pot to fit inside the square pots for water protection indoors. I finagled something together with pots and saucers from Home Depot and then covered the tops with green moss. I would recommend checking out Home Goods if you have one nearby for large pots of every material, especially right now in early Spring! Good Luck!