Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Old House - Day 3

This week I'm reliving the glory days of my first major home project--the kitchen.  We started off by replacing the kitchen lighting and then removed the down-hanging cabinets that seperate the kitchen from the dining room. 

Our next step was to reface the cabinets.  We sort of stumbled into this phase of the project when one of my neighbors who I did volunteer work with recommended her carpenter.  He was so easy to work with and very reasonable.  We originally brough him in to patch the hole left in the ceiling when we ripped out the down-hanging cabinets.  He actually taught us how to do the work ourselves and made us an offer on refacing the cabinets that we just couldn't refuse.  We refaced all of our kitchen cabinets for only $500!  Painting was seperate and cost around $1000.  If I remember correctly, we had 22 doors and 5 drawer facings.  Cabinets that look brand new for $1500, though!  How can you beat that!  It's amazing what a difference it made in the kitchen.


Check back tomorrow for the transformation to all sleek stainless steel appliances!  Goodbye 1960s oven!  You'll see the work finally come to life!

Something fun: The carpenter who did the cabinets also makes solid surface guitars (out of Corian, I think) for several country singers including Zac Brown and Jake Owen.  Pretty cool, huh!

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