Monday, June 27, 2011

A month or two ago, I sold my old coffee table on Craigslist.  It's pictured here~

I bought the coffee table before I started re-doing our living room.  With the evolution of the room and the the patterns we brought in, I felt like the room was just a little too heavy.  I'm not a huge fan of our leather couch although it's super comfy,  but with three dogs we really had no choice.  It makes the room heavy, and the coffee table wasn't helping lighten the load.  Basically, it just wasn't right for the room.  So, like the fate of many other past purchases, onto Craigslist it went.  Thankfully, I was patient and got close to what I paid for it on Craigslist. 

Unfortunately, I've had a tough time finding a replacement table.  It's a large room, so a lot of tables would be dwarfed in the space.  I seem to be gravitating to glass and metal tables.  Here are pictures of a few rooms that include them.  Most of these room mix modern and tradition, which I really like.

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What do you think?  Do you like a more traditional wood table or do you like a more modern touch? 


  1. I love the glass and metal coffee tables! The one in picture 5 is my favorite. I really want one and it's on my to get list, but my husband is not into the glass and metal. He likes the old ottoman we have now. But one day it will be replaced!

  2. I looooooove the glass ones! but with a baby, its a no go for awhile for us, lol. xoxoshel

  3. A modern one would look great in your space. Have you ever thought of a white, cream or another color vs. metal or wood?? Just a thought! Love your living room! That rug, where did you find it? I'm looking for a rug for our living room and one for our bedroom and not having much luck.

  4. I'm actually contemplating a very modern glass one at Wisteria.