Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring 2011 Yard Updates

This past weekend we spent a lot of time working on our front flowerbeds.  This is the skanky state of affairs before we got to work~

And, here is the after.  We are certainly not landscape architects, but it is always a great feeling to step back and see the results of a long day's weekend's work! 

When we bought our house, the flowerbeds were very overgrown with a solid green wall of contractor grade shrubery.  After getting a quote from a landscaping company last spring, we decided we could just do it ourselves.  So, we started off by removing much of the original landscaping, removing the rotting aluminum edging, and tilling up the remaining area.  We added in some grasses, the crepe myrtles anchoring the ends of the house, and a lot of bedding plants.  This year we added 6 Encore azaleas, several addtional pots of Mexican feather grass, several flats of Ellepot Cora Vina (aka periwinkles), and several other additional perinnials.  We hope to add more colorful perinnials each year.  We also added 23 bags of mulch!  Yikes!  Now if we can just get our grasses and our yard to fill-in.  Our unusual winter storms in January and February took a toll on them.  Fingers are crossed!


  1. Your updates look lovely! BTW: I was reading your back post about your labs being plant destroyers and I may have a solution. Years ago, at our old house in Plano, they were ripping the magnolias off the trees so they could chew on the stamen(?). My trainer/dog boarder told us to put the destroyed flowers back in their mouths, clamp down, look them in the eyes and say no very sternly. It only took twice with each dog. She's a genius!

  2. Thanks! We have a magnolia in the back and they definitely eat the leaves and stuff. I am going to try your trick!