Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Excuses

I went to visit some of my girlfriends in Northwest Arkansas a few weekends ago.  We had a fabulous weekend of shopping and great food. 

 When I returned, I found this crumpled receipt on our bathroom counter.  He treated himself while I was away~

In case you can't read it, he bought himself Ruffles, Doritos, pita chips, a cheap filet, french onion dip, a jar of peanuts, frozen french fries, Manwich with beef and buns, a 6-pack of Natural Light and 2 cups of yogurt.  I can't even start to tell you how gross I find this whole list (except for the Ruffles, of course). 

He ate all of it. 

I have no excuses for this.  I guess it's how we roll.


  1. Now THAT is hilarious. By the way.....GUESS WHO ordered those darn red chairs from Overstock and its ALL YOUR FAULT, lol!! I'll blog about them when the arrive and I'll credit it all back to you and your blog. PS- did you find me through Kelly's Korner? I just wondered since you mentioned NW AR....xoxo Shelli from a' la mode

  2. I can't wait to see your chairs! I found you through Studio Ten 25. Love your whole house and your blog!!

  3. That is so funny. My husband said that's what he would have bought too!!