Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I love Spring and Summer.  Well, I really love warm weather, which we sometimes get during the fall and winter here, too.  What I love most about Spring, though, are the flowers.  I wish I could splurge on fresh flowers every week in the grocery store.  I only indulge from time to time when we're having guests, though.  I love to design the arrangements myself.  It's an outlet to be creative where you can't really go wrong!

Lots of girls like roses and tulips, which I think are great, but I really love peonies and ranunculus.  Both are delicate and artistic flowers that seem sort of old fashioned.  Sort of like old souls.  If I had gotten married in the spring, I would have used similar flowers in my bouquet!  Here are some of my favorite images!  What are your favorite spring flowers?

{Image via Southern Accents}


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