Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Favorites

I'm new to being a blogger, but I've been reading blogs for a long time.  I wanted my blog to have a catchy but meaningful name.  In honor of this blog's namesake, Maizy, who is our two-year-old English labrador retriever, I want to share a few of my favorite pet related items.

First, though, meet Maizy.  Seen here in one of this year's Christmas card pictures~

And, a few of our must haves:

If you're not familiar with UpCountry, Inc., go check out their website.  I'll be here waiting on you to get back.  Ok-welcome back!  Isn't their stuff just adorable?  I've bought collars and "pet futons" from them for several years.  The company has a great backstory and produces great quality, chic products.  Check them out!  The collars below are a few of my favorite prints!

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The Furminator!  If you have a shedding dog, but don't have a Furminator, you are missing out.  Go. Get. One. Immediately.  It's a must have!  You can find them at Petco or PetsMart.
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And, last but not least, good dog food!  We have three dogs ~two labs and a beagle~ and have tried lots of different foods.  For Bobbie the Beagle, a senior dog, I love Wellness Just for Seniors, a holistic dog food that boats real meat as its number one ingredient.  Like many beagles, Bobbie struggles with her weight and energy level.  Once we started her on Wellness, she was a changed woman.  She ran, skipped and hopped.  We didn't think she had it in her.  Wellness can also be found at Petco or PetsMart.

Have a nice weekend!  I'll see you guys back next week.


  1. I just want to give Maizy a big smooch! I'll have to remember UpCountry the next time I need doggy stuff. Thanks for the tips. :)

  2. Maizy says thanks! And thanks for reading the blog!