Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pull Up a Chair

I was cruising around again--this time looking for patio furniture--when I came across a set of modern french cafe type chairs in several finishes.  The chairs looked so familiar.  After a little Google search, I realized that like the great knock-off light fixtures I wrote about in this post, the chairs were, well, nearly identical to the Pottery Barn chairs.  AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE, THOUGH!!!

See for your self~

Meet the Pottery Barn Tolix (TM) Cafe Chair~

$245/each; $900/set of 4; $1470 $1170/set of 6
+ that expensive shipping and tax

And, now, let me introduce you to the version~

for sale on in silver, black, white and red
for $170/set of 4!!!!

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