Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Non-Traditional Home - High End DIY

I guess I'm really focused on features from recent shelter magazines this week.  A while back I received my July-August copy of Traditional Home.  I loved the cover house so much that when I initially did a quick read of the magazine I skipped over this house~

{all images via Traditional Home}

It's the Cultural Arts Alliance Designer Showhouse in Alys Beach, Florida.  Different designers took on each room.  You can see full pictures here.  I never would have guessed that multiple designers worked on the house; it's a very cohesive design.  What caught my eye were a few of the design touches in the living room, which was designed by Susan Massey. 

Take a closer look at the window treatments.  They're hung using simple u-hooks placed into the wall; they are usually used to hang items from the ceiling.  Then the designer ran twine/simple string down to attach the drapery panels.  This gives the room such a cool look, and it's definitely something you could DIY.

Now, take a closer look at the suspended bookshelf.  It just two pieces of rope connected to additional u-hooks and knotted under each shelf to hold it in place.  What a cool way to display your art.

These are two really high end looks that you could definitely bring into your own home at a very reasonable cost.  Have you see any ideas in your magazines that you brought into your own home?

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  1. Lord I love that blue chandelier! Of course everything else isn't too shabby either:)