Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Room of the Week

Sometimes as I search for blog inspiration, I came across a picture that makes me stop and stare and get really jealous that it's not my room and I don't get to come home to it.  I'm petty that way.  And, this is one of those rooms for me~

{image via}

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mirrored Cabinets?

I love the look of glass in cabinet doors, but I hate styling the contents of the cabinet.  I have a set of glass cabinets myself, which really need some TLC.  I'll add that to my ever growing to-do list. 

Today I got the House Beautiful newsletter that featured this image by designer Jonathan Berger~

{image via House Beautiful}

When I first glanced at it, I thought the cabinets had glass fronts.  Oh no, though, they're mirrored!  And, I love it!!  What a great way to make a small kitchen seem bigger without having to worry about the less than stellar contents of each cabinet.  I ran a few searches, but it was hard to find others who took this bold step. 

One other image I found ~

I'm not sure this is something that would really work in our current house, but the idea is tucked away for future use!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Luxe Leather

You've probably seen a picture of my living room and know that we have a large leather sofa.  It's not because I love leather.  Quite the opposite really.  With three dogs, though, leather is much easier to maintain and keep clean.  Plus, we bought it shortly after we got engaged.  I convinced the Mister that we need all new living room furniture, so there were a few compromises to be made.  It doesn't hurt, though, that our particular sofa happens to be about as deep as a twin bed and is super comfortable...perfect for winter movie watching.

I've noticed a lot of nice leather pieces in many of the stores fall collections.  Here are a few images I gathered with great use of leather~

  {all images via}

Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perfect with no furniture??

Is it possible for an area of a house to be perfect with no furniture or decor?  Normally, I vote no.  But, I came across this picture, and now I vote yes.  Y.E.S.

1.  The wood ceiling beams.
2.  The French doors.
3.  The light fixture.
4.  The herringbone pattern wood floor.
5.  The wall paneling detail.
6.  The wall color.
7.  The iron stair rail.
8. Last but not least, the blue room peaking in.
9.  Perfect.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Banded Curtains in the House

A few weeks back, I told you how much I'd been crushing on banded curtains here.  I found these inspiration photos ~

And, then got to work on my own.  This was a bigger sewing project that I trusted myself to do.  Plus, if I was spending this much on fabric, I wanted a truly professional result.  I bought the fabric onsale during Calico Corners 20% off sale and then deposited my goods with The Fabric Yard in Dallas.  They are a great affordable option for custom drapes and pillows--and my go-to spot for anything I can't do myself.

After work on Friday, I picked up my drapes and even skipped our traditional Mexican food Friday night to stay in and install my new drapery!!!  I felt like such a dork--a happy one, though. 

And, here they are.  My new banded curtains.  I double heart them!!  They still need to be steamed, but I'm sure you won't mind...

You probably noticed the new sisal rug in the living room, too.  More on that when that project is complete!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweep Arm Chairs

The last piece to finalizing our living room is a chair/settee.  I still love the look of a settee as I posted here, but they're hard to find and the ones I have found are expensive.  Another style I'm drawn to is the sweep arm chair.  I found several that come at pretty good price points.  Here are a few of my favorites-

And, I'm also a fan of the traditional wingback.  We have one we could have recovered.  I just can't decide what to do!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Adios, Bossypants!

I always have an obsession.  May it be a project at the house, an upcoming trip, a book I'm into...  I'm always obsessed.  This week I'm obviously obsessed with rugs.  Tonight, my zebra-ish rug went to its new home.  It's actually being reunited with my old coffee table.  I'm happy that they've found each other again after their short break-up; they were good together, you know???  As I was saying goodbye to the rug before it left (yup, I'm crazy like that), I summed it up best when I said, it was fun, but you [the rug] were in charge of the room, and I wanted to be in charge.  My husband laughed out loud.  He feels that pain.   

My new rug will be on its way soon.  I fear that it won't spend much time alone, though.  See, my other obsession is layered rugs.  Not one, but two.  Here are few dreamy pictures~

{All photos via}

And, if you haven't read Bossypants by Tina Fey, you must do so immediately.  It's laugh out loud funny and a pretty quick read!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Natural Fiber Rug Finds

I love natural fiber rugs.  I have one in my dining room (last one at the bottom) and one in my kitchen.  Sticking with the theme, I'm considering adding one to my living room.  I love my current living room rug, but it's limiting some other possibilities...

As with my other switch-outs, I needed to first sell my existing rug and then have enough from that sale to pay for the new rug.  That means I needed to say under $300.  In case you might be in the market for a natural fiber rug, too, here are a few of my favorite inexpensive finds.  All prices are for 8 x 10 rugs!

$254.99 + Free Shipping and currently 20% off!

On sale for $223.00

On sale for $319.00

 On sale for $249.00

On sale for $299.00

Currently $192.99

Currently $221.99
Currently $183.99

Have you seen any others that you are loving??