Sunday, July 10, 2011

Natural Fiber Rug Finds

I love natural fiber rugs.  I have one in my dining room (last one at the bottom) and one in my kitchen.  Sticking with the theme, I'm considering adding one to my living room.  I love my current living room rug, but it's limiting some other possibilities...

As with my other switch-outs, I needed to first sell my existing rug and then have enough from that sale to pay for the new rug.  That means I needed to say under $300.  In case you might be in the market for a natural fiber rug, too, here are a few of my favorite inexpensive finds.  All prices are for 8 x 10 rugs!

$254.99 + Free Shipping and currently 20% off!

On sale for $223.00

On sale for $319.00

 On sale for $249.00

On sale for $299.00

Currently $192.99

Currently $221.99
Currently $183.99

Have you seen any others that you are loving??


  1. Hey Jenny! I love natural rugs but have a yellow lab. How do they hold up to all the hair?

  2. I love them too! But DEF bad for little baby bums and toes....we got rid of ours and opted for a softer cush......sacrifices we make for the wee ones, right? Can't wait to see which one you choose!!! xoxo shel