Thursday, July 21, 2011

Luxe Leather

You've probably seen a picture of my living room and know that we have a large leather sofa.  It's not because I love leather.  Quite the opposite really.  With three dogs, though, leather is much easier to maintain and keep clean.  Plus, we bought it shortly after we got engaged.  I convinced the Mister that we need all new living room furniture, so there were a few compromises to be made.  It doesn't hurt, though, that our particular sofa happens to be about as deep as a twin bed and is super comfortable...perfect for winter movie watching.

I've noticed a lot of nice leather pieces in many of the stores fall collections.  Here are a few images I gathered with great use of leather~

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Happy Weekend!!

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  1. I typically don't like leather either, but with 2 kids and a dog, I am really ready to make the move!!! I love the look of that third pic!