Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To Soak or Not to Soak...

To soak or not to soak, that is the question...

This is probably a bit of a random post.  While my soul is finally in full-on Christmas mode (I've been baking tonight), my decorating mind is starting to think beyond the Holiday 2011 season.  Our big project for 2012 is to update our master bathroom.  Our home was built in 1993 and it's all but written all over the master bath, which is complete with an ivory plastic jacuzzi tub (which doesn't even work) and shell shaped sinks. 

One of the big debates I have about the updates is what kind of tub I should use.  I love a modern soaking tub, but I still don't see many of them in new construction in Texas.  I'm scared a potential home buyer here would expect a built-in jacuzzi tub.  What do you think? 

Here are a few of the tubs I love~

*And while I think this wood herringbone floor in the last picture is to die for (seriously),
as someone who has wood in the kitchen (which I think is gorgeous),
I would never put it in the bathroom. 
I've seen what just one glass of spilled water can do to it.
You'd be horrified the first time water got splashed on it.  
Just a little friendly advice.

{all images via decorpad.com}


  1. Soaking tub! I wish that is what we had in our master bath. Jacuzzi tubs are so difficult to keep clean. Our jets get so gross, and I don't even use them!

  2. Soaking tub! I don't think it will break a sale, so do what you want. I sympathize on the bathroom. I have cream corian with a hunter green stripe along the edge and hideously large two toned fixtures. Also, a jacuzzi tub I have never used.