Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now that's class, people!

I've been looking for a print to hang over the sofa table behind my couch for a while now.  Shortly after the first of this year, I found a print at Ballard Designs that I liked, but it was at the very top end of what I wanted to spend plus I would have to pay shipping on it.  So, the search began and ended very quickly.

I found the same print at I.O. Metro, which has two stores in my area.  It was the same price as the Ballard print but at least I wouldn't have to pay shipping.  I shop at I.O. Metro pretty frequently, so I knew they did sales from time to time.  Usually those sales only apply to one type of product, though, so I had to wait until the art sale came along.

Finally, a few weeks ago, art went on sale for 20% off for the weekend.  I called my store.  They had the print and said they would put it on hold for me.  Here it is in our living room.  It's propped for now; I'll probably hang it this weekend.

I'm so excited that the wall is finally filled!

But, the funny part is that the print is 54" x 54".  I was talking to the sales girl at the counter before I paid. 

Me: Now this will go in the back of our SUV won't it?

Sales Girl: Sure.  Unless it's a 4Runner.  I have a 4Runner, and I've tried.  It won't fit.

Me: Shit.  We have a 4Runner.

Sales Girl:  Well, we can Saran-Wrap it to the top.

Next thing I knew...

We're so classy!

If you aren't familiar with I.O. Metro check out one of their stores or their website.  They carry lots of great, modern products at great prices!  They also have a great blog!  The company was founded in my home state, Arkansas, and has slowly expanded across the southeast part of the country.  They recent brought on Vern Yip as their celebrity endorser!  Check them out!  And, they have art and mirrors on sale for 20% off right now!


  1. Great artwork! I am going to check them out. I wonder if they have a store in Houston. And I just love how you drove with it on top of your SUV. My husband thought I only did things like that!

  2. Looks great. Too funny about the Saran-wrap.

  3. Hilarious. Will you post a close up? Hard to see the details of the print but looks good from here! xoxo shelli

  4. I love it! Can't wait to see it in person!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home